Zone 4/5...plum curculio yet?

franktank232(z5 WI)April 13, 2012

I've already seen PC damage on my apricots, but I'm not sure if I should spray, because I've got a lot of freeze damage too...I'll probably go through the trees tomorrow and rip off the bad fruit and then spot treat. Overnight low tomorrow night is suppose to be 60F, which is prime PC weather. I have no idea when they hit my fruit the first time with all the cold weather in the last 10 days. They must have little coats on or something. I doubt this, but I wonder if the 26F temps had any effect on them?

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Something has been eating holes in the cots, but I haven't seen any definite curculio scars.

They're supposed to be active mostly at night, in warm weather, so I've been assuming they would be lying low up to now. And when it was so hot, there were no fruits for them to infest. The weather is probably confusing them as much as the rest of us.

I sprayed yesterday, because the plums and cherries have joined the cots out of the shuck and the pears are almost big enough to bag. The codling moth is supposed to be egg laying around now. Maybe.

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franktank232(z5 WI)

Your pears are way ahead of mine.

I've seen some scars, but its mostly feeding damage.

I'm also going to prune back the cots today.

Looks like one more shot at frost this week around here.

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I totally can't believe how early the pears were. The petals on one tree all turned brown and I thought they were goners, but the fruits are growing and turning pear-shaped. I'll be bagging them soon, because it'll be weeks before apples are ready. Usually, apples come first.

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Frank I am totally confused by your growing zone. You have cots and are still going through freezing weather. My cots were just at final petal drop yesterday and I'm in zone 6-7. My peaches still have blossoms. Is it primarily the nasty weather from Canada and the Great Lakes? Your trees are so ahead of mine. Mrs. G

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