New to Papercrete, have made many hypertufa's ???

rcharles_gw(8a.)March 2, 2014

I have made many hypertufa's pots, but I am looking to make some Papercrete pots. I have perused many of the tutorials on the making of these and I am wondering if they are as durable as the hypertufa's pots when complete. Have read to let them sit uncovered and out of rain/moisture to cure? If there is anyone that could give me some information of their experience with these, it would very much appreciated.

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Hi, I've done papercrete , yes it's as dureable as the tufa. Because it absorbs so much water in the paper you do have to leave it to dry in a dry place, and I would seal it after. I found it harder to mix together and would say a mixer would make it easier than by hand.
Why are you wanting to use this mix, are you trying to go thinner walls or lighter pots?
We met at the Nanoose plant swap in the fall, I've been working on my first spring project building a wire armiture for a water feature. The same technique I used for the easter island head I think you liked. You are welcome to come by and learn that technique if you like.

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I would very much like to learn the technique that you use, Cindy.
I had seen pots done in Papercrete and the concept of lighter in weight was one plus, as I want it for indoors. Sometimes I get a idea as to what I want for a pot and trying to find it in a retail location just does not work.
Thanks Cindy,

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Hey Rick
Yes they are very durable, very lightweight and look so cool. That's true about curing- you just wait till they dry out completely. I treat mine with liquid glass to make them waterproof.
Just recently I also made a Japanese lantern (looks crude but it is my first trial)

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Those are amazing. What a wonderful job.
What is the brand name of the " liquid glass" product you speak of and what is it sold for?
Have you used the White Portland cement for your pots and lantern?
Did you have to treat them before planting up or just leave for a while?
Sorry for all the questions.

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Thaks :)
I cannot give you any brand name 'cos I live in Germany. I guess you will find it in any shop/warehouse with building materials- ask for sodium silicate.
I used normal gray Portland cement, it's the paper that gives it the colour. Liquid glass makes it a bit darker.
I treated them with silicate first and a wall sealant to make them 100% waterproof, left them to dry out and planted. No idea if it's gonna affect the roots, we'll see.


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I forgot to mention about the use of sodium silicate. But you should check yourself e.g. on wikipedia. They use it in many lines of business- form making fizzy drinks, storing eggs to stopping radioactive leakage in Fukushima.
But not diluted may burn your skin just like cement so remember to wear some rubber gloves, and goggles in case it may splash into your eyes.
Oh and if you mix it with cement it will set quicker ;)


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Hi Rick I sent you a pm did you get it?

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