Winter Moth

mrsg47(7)April 16, 2014

Just received my weekly report, from the head of Hort. from the Uni. of RI. She mentioned this am. that the Winter Moth eggs have started turning blue and that our first spray of insecticide should start in a week if not sooner. That said, question. . . My peaches (what will be left of the flower buds due to frost) will be opening within the next week. Is it wise to spray so soon? Mrs. G

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If you've got insect issues, I think you want to get in at least one spraying before the buds open, a week ahead sounds good to me. Once the flowers open you won't want to spray again until petal drop unless you want to kill all the bees and other pollinating insects.

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alan haigh

I think you should spray on need and not by recipe for this pest. Isn't BT affective against winter moth? If so, you can wait to determine if there is infestation in your own trees before spraying. They should stop feeding as soon as they ingest BT and it will not harm the bees.

I get a little of this pest every year- they only affect the apples for me but I never spray them- there are usually plenty of flowers to spare it there are any, so the moths are helping me thin.

You might consider getting a good magnifying glass for the purpose and scout your trees for eggs. It is a good exercise for the serious home orchardist. You can't develop monitoring muscles without exercise.

Too much Triazide will create an imbalance in your orchard, for sure, and you will likely eventually pay for doing the easy thing and killing too many allies.

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Thanks all! Mrs. G

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