Apple, for the fun of it

terrybugApril 25, 2013

A few months ago we brought some apples I think they were fuji. When we cut it open the seeds were already sprouting. have never seen this before so I thought i would try n grow. Well they sprouted but in the last week or so i notice this red rust forming. Dont know if it was the leaves got wet while watering also it looks like there also powder mildrew. Am new to growing any fruit from seed. Any suggestions or remedy to help it. Will it cause the plant to die? Thanks for your help.

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I did the same with my granny smith apple seeds that were sprouted in the apple. I think there is a lot of us that see the sprouted seeds and just can't help but to plant them. I am a novice at this but did you over fertilize it? The other thing might be city water? The rest I will leave to the experts.

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I potted it with mircle grow, but the weather here in socal have been weird. Right now it been in the 50-60 last two days n before that it was in the 80"s. It's been like that since March hot then cold. Some of my other veg seeds are struggling to germinate. Heres another photo.
Thanks Terry

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I put mine in miracle potting soil too. Are you growing it outside?

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Yes they are outside. Don't know much on caring for it, guess i need to read up on it,

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