A little bit concerned on my berries

swimdawg495April 26, 2013

My berries have just arrived today from Berries Unlimited. The look quite healthy, with abundant foliage, however, I was a bit concerned that the Triple Crown Blackberry was but a stub of a branch and leaves. Will it grow out soon? What's the issue? As for the two raspberries I believe, there seemed to be a great amount of leaves at the base (Or should I call crown), however, the main trunk/branch seemed quite dead. Is this normal, will leaves grow on it soon? Pardon my ignorance on these subjects. The

P.S The picture was what the raspberries looked like. The triple crown looked same, except it was pruned at the stem.

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Hi swimdawg,
That's fairly normal for a Blackberry.In fact,it is recommended to cut them to about six inches.There should be new canes this year and then fruit the next and thereafter. Brady

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