Crimson Passion Arrived Today...

iowajerApril 16, 2014

I got an email from HoneyberryUSA saying my Crimson Passion were headed this way, and had a tracking number included. So I checked that tracking number today and it said "Delivered".

Well, I stopped what i was doing and headed to the mailbox and sure enough there they were.

Well, it was like 63 degrees here today (and pretty windy) but I reasoned that the CP's had been kept in dormancy via refrigeration and according to the instruction letter included they are shipped while dormant, and it says to plant ASAP.

I could see there is a little bit of green on tiny little leaf buds, so I'm thinking this is all good.

Got them in the ground and the temps started heading South! I check the forecast and they say 27 for tonight and tomorrow night too!!

Feeling like a dolt, I run back out and put 5 gal buckets over them and a little night light.

So I'm hoping the little nightlights in the buckets help them make it through the night..., and I can come out of this without feeling like a real digit!!!

Anyway, I ordered the larger ones and they are bigger than the CJ's I got initially from Gurney's, but as you can see from the picture they're both about 13" from the top to the soil line, or 16" if you go top to bottom of pot.

So here they are next to my 6'10" CJ that was planted in 2011.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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If they are only showing tiny bits of green on the leaf buds they will handle 27*F no problem. I suspect they could handle 10*F no problem. Don't forget that these can handle -40*F to -50F when fully dormant.

Impressive that your CJ is almost 7' tall, after planting a tiny seedling just 3 years ago. Is it producing fruit yet? (I have some of the Romance series plus a CJ that I planted in 2011, and they have only produced a tiny amount of fruit so far... here's hoping for this year!)

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Thanks don555, I think I just got a little worried with the new plants leaving their little pots and having their first night out being a bit brisk. But I bet you're right, I mean I know how cold-hardy these are when established, but don't know a lot about what happens as they come out of dormancy and all that, when they're just pups.

When I got up a little after 6 a.m., my indoor/outdoor showed 30.5 degrees, so maybe it didn't get to 27 after all. So I went out and checked the one that I'd put a thermometer in and it showed 35 degrees in there!

But yeah, the growth rate of the CJ's is impressive to me. I don't have a picture of when they were first planted in '11, but I have a shot of them in June of '12.

In the first picture they're all in their own cages before I fenced them in. But the three on the left were the ones planted in '11.

There were four originally but one died and Gurney's sent two replacements.

So the two at the top in line with the bigger one were planted in April of '12, and as you can see just from April to when this was taken in June they'd leafed and grown quite a bit.

The next shot is just for perspective, in relation to the Early Richmond next to them in '12.

Then a couple pictures from yesterday, one with the tape measure, and then a close up of the tape measure numbers. 79â from tip to tape measure then 3â for that and itâÂÂs at 6âÂÂ10âÂÂ.

From all I gather, I should not expect my new CP's to maybe get off to as good a start as the CJ's, but that's not huge to me, so long as they survive me!!!

Oh and on the question on if I got fruit, I had a few but maybe less than 50 or so. There were a lot more green cherries to start with but they didn't hang on. Only the larger two bushes had fruit, not enough to do anything with, but I was still like a proud papa!

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I thought I had multiple pictures posting figured out, but apparently not! They were all there in the preview, just not now on the actual post so I'll put them each on one-by-one (Where's my son when I need him?!?!?)

Pix 1

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Pix 2

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Pix 3

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pix 4

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