hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)April 28, 2013

It just occurred to me that where I live now gives me a much greater choice in blackberries (& the hybrids like Marionberry & Boysenberry) than I could reliably grow back in Ohio.


1. Who do you all like as far as nurseries for blackberry plants & other berries/small fruits? I used to like Indiana Berry...their website leaves much to be desired but their stock used to be good. Not sure these days.

2. In the mid-atlantic, what performs well & bears well? I'd prefer thornless.

3. Triple Crown - awesome or hype? How about Ouachita (sp?)

4. Boysenberries? Y? N?

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

I like the thornless ones. MOre food less blood.
John S

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I don't trust online nurseries any more. It used to be good but the market is crowded with a lot of hit and run people. Take your money and run. I just bought some nice cherry, pears, blueberry and blackberry trees locally like from HD, ACE and LOW. Even I picked some raspberry trees from SAMS club. You get in writing one year warranty if the tree does not survive within 12 months bring the receipt and the dead tree and get a refund or replacement no question asked. I tried that with online nursery they made forget my middle name and basically told me we got the money and you got the dead tree and go to hell. Another nursery they tell you the warranty is 30 days unless you buy insurance at 30% of the cost of the tree.

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I have actually had very good service from Willis Orchards (online). I ordered 8 different types of fruit trees and all lived except one apricott. They gave me credit for the one that died, in accordance with their stated policy.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

HD etc is near the bottom of the barrel IMHO, most of their stuff is leftovers. Any place with a good Garden Watchdog rating will be far better. That doesn't include Willis, their rating is poor. Indiana Berry is still very good, Nourse is the best for raspberries, Berries Unlimited is pretty good (but the Boysens I ordered this spring came with a lot of dirt and not a lot of root so I am not quite as thrilled with them as I was). Only the thorny Boysens are hardy here so you need to pick if you want thorns.


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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

I 2nd Indiana Berry, Great price, super healthy plants. The problem with the brick and mortar stores is you have limited selection. I too was disappointed with Berries Unlimited., surprising really as they grow from tissue culture, you would think you would get excellent plants.
I only ordered one plant, a raspberry, and it is alive, so I'm happy. Find A Honey Queen Raspberry from Canada anywhere else! I love the fact you can get rare fruit online. I'm growing 3 different types of Pineberry Strawberries.
I have Purple Strawberries growing and orange/pink raspberries.
I ordered 3 blackberries from One Green World. The first ones I ever ordered, so I have nothing to compare to? The vines are about 12 inches, and very alive. I had to remove them from initial planting spot due to flooding, they endured 2 or 3 freezes. And they are not dead yet, so I'm pretty happy, so I ordered a couple more from them.

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I buy my raspberries and blackberries from Nourse Farm. They take serious care in packaging their bareroot stock. I have never received bad plants from them and I've been ordering from them for about 12 years. I bought 'thornless' Ouachita'. Many in this forum do not like the berry and say it is sour. It is fine as far as I'm concerned and produces a very large berry. Triple Crown is excellent as well. Mrs. G

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Looks like Indiana Berry is still good. I checked out Nourse's website - seem to have all the ones I'd be interested for the most part, I may try them.

Scott - have you tried any other "trailing" berries (not the semi-erect types) with success here in MD?

Home Depot sells the "dead sticks in boxes" as I call them. If you get them the day they're shipped in, they can do OK, but from what I see, they NEVER put an ounce of water on them, so after about 3 weeks, you have basically dried, dead sticks in a box.

At Lowe's last weekend, I was perusing their garden center. FWIW I'll use the big box stores for things like annuals, some perennials, supplies, etc but usually don't buy fruits or trees/shrubs unless they look really good. I saw what was labeled as a Bing Cherry (which won't grow worth a crap here anyway due to cracking) that was clearly some type of apple looking at the leaves on it. Although, you're as likely to get cherries off an apple tree here in MD as you are to get them off a Bing...haha.

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I have used Indiana Berry three times and since they are within a couple of hours of where I live, I usually get the plants the next day via UPS. A couple of their bareroot plants didn't make it but sometimes it's tough to figure out if it is the plant or my mistake. I have ordered a number of items from Raintree, Gurney's (or one of their other brands), and a number of items from nurseries selling via Ebay (mainly blueberries). All in all, most of the plants looked good and have thrived. The worst results were from plants purchased from Sam Club on impulse - all of these died. I have bought trees and shrubs from Home Depot and Lowes, and these have nearly always lived but passed on the berries they sell. My parents bought their blackberries from Home Depot last year, big 1 gallon plants, but my bareroot plants actually caught up to them and surpassed them in size by the end of the season.

IâÂÂm growing Triple Crown and Ouachita blackberries (starting last year) but have not had fruit of them yet. Both seem to be vigorous growers. Same with boysenberries, both thornless and thorny. Since the last of the frost has passed (fingers crossed), I transplanted 3 (of 4) thorny boysenberries into the berry patch, in ground, to see how they will grow this year and winter-over.

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Triple crown and boysenberries are both winners. Both are vigorous and taste very good. The Boysenberry so far in the berry dept is the best that ive ever had.

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

"Triple crown and boysenberries are both winners"

Cool, I picked both those up, and Navaho Erect (best tasting erect cultivar), and a Wyeberry which is suppossed to be a hardier Tayberry like plant. Now hoping all do well. So far so good. They are all freshly planted and looking good.
Good luck hairmetal with your choices.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

I have a native blackcap that is very tasty and would be worth a shot if folks are interested in tasty brambles in general. I couldn't virus certify or anything, of course, but y'all let me know if anyone wants any.

I'm trying blackberries, boysenberries and some raspberries based on how well those blackcaps grow here. I haven't had a harvest yet, so I can't recommend varieties so soon.

EdibleLandscaping has excellent plants. They are in VA.

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