good disease resistant apples in Mid Atlantic

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)April 22, 2013

I've not really delved much into fruits since moving to MD a few years back. I'm right at the edge of zone 6/7, but my property is in something of a warmish microclimate so I call it 7.

From what i see around here, apple scab is a HUGE problem - can anyone concur? Not sure how big of an issue fireblight is, but I see Callery pears succumb to it all the time. Not sure about cedar apple rust, either.

Who can give some input? Good varieties, what diseases to watch out for the most, etc.

One I've seen is "Goldrush" but have been told it matures VERY late - will it ripen here?

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I've had 5 types of apples and regardless of how resistant they say they are of cedar apple rust only the northern spy was totally free. Even the Liberty was covered. On the otherhand, only the Red Delicious got fireblight.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Hair metal, scab is no problem for me. I don't spray for it and I only get a little bit here and there. I have heard that scab is more a northern problem on apples; it can also be bad in the south but is not as likely to be. Fireblight on the other hand is a huge problem, as is CAR. Goldrush is a great apple for the mid-atlantic and it ripens here very well every year. It gets CAR badly however. In general I don't think the disease resistance breeding has been super helpful for us backyard mid-atlantic growers since scab is not a big problem and that is the main goal of the disease-resistance programs. On the other hand many apple varieties just can't "take the heat" or humidity. For example Akane is a wonderful tasting apple but the skin is just too easily penetrated by bugs and diseases and I get very few good fruits. My most bulletproof apple is an obscure old heirloom called Rambour d'Hiver, I harvest pretty much perfect apples from that tree every November.


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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Interesting that scab isn't a problem for you, Scott...since it seems to be a big problem on the flowering crabs around here...most are leafless by August because of it.

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Scott F Smith
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