Peach Trees finally blossoming!

OmniApril 13, 2014

Hello everyone. I just wanted to share with you some of my progress with fruit trees.

My peach tree last year in the summer had only 1 bloom, which fell off. But during that year, the peach tree grew like crazy!

This is what the peach tree looks like after I had pruned it a few weeks ago in preparation of this year's growth cycle:

(please excuse the mess in the backyard. there's construction going on)

This morning I went to check up on the tree and was pleasantly surprised to see over a few hundred blooms!

This last picture is my second peach tree that's a year younger than the first one shown.

I know that per branch, you shouldn't have more than 2-3 peaches, or no more than 1 peach every 12 inches. Would it be alright if I let the flowers bloom first just so that I can see how it looks, and then pluck off the blooms? Or should I pluck them off early?

Also, this year I didn't treat my trees with a fungal spray that I used to. Would it be alright to do that now or is too late?

In terms of fertilizing, would it be okay to use those Miracle Gro fertilizing spikes or is there something else that is recommended?

Thank you!

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Since not all blossoms set fruit, I would let everything blossom and start to set fruit before thinning them. The bees would appreciate it too!

I'm not too great a fan of fertilizer spikes for fruit trees. I think a better plan is to buy a bag of organic fertilizer for fruit trees (go to a gardening center/nursery), mix the recommended amount into the top inch or so around the drip line, and water in thoroughly.

As for sprays, I'll let someone more experienced answer that.

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Thanks! I have miracle gro 10-10-10. Can I just mix 1 lb of that in 2 gallons of water and water around the drip line?

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