conquistador grapes

ack01April 15, 2013

Hi guys, I am in South florida zone 9b. I have a small patch of free land left next to a fence I want to grow some type of vining fruit. My first chouse is grapes. From what I read the conquistador grape is the way to go in my area. the area receives partial shade through out the day due to large oak trees. however I aways like to point out I have Florida sun lol. A light meter in complete shade reports full sun in my back yard. I have a hard time growing any plant that requires any shade. anyways. My plan is to use T-post and galvinized wire to make a trellis. I am going to pull out the soil and mix in 50% compost & 50 of the sand i pulled out. other than that I am at a loss of what to do hehe. Should I run two wire on the trellis or just one? how far should I space the plants. Whats the best way to propagate them? what is the best method of pruning? Or if you have any other tips I would greatly apprciate it. thanx again

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