Paper or plastic

monte101April 17, 2012

I'm thinking of bagging my peaches and plums to keep the birds away. Can I use plastic or brown bags, which is better?

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I would consider a paper bag (or even a newspaper bag). I wonder if a plastic bag may hold in too much moisture and cause the fruit inside to rot.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do a couple in plastic..

and the rest in paper..

and report back what happens..

someone has to do the experiment ...

if i had to guess.. plastic will cause molds .. mildews.. heat build up and rot ... and the trapped moisture.. will not be able to dry .. as a paper bag would allow ...

but again.. someone has to do the experiment ..


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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)


There are lots of infos from GW on bagging fruits the last 3-4 yrs. Most common use is a sandwich size ziplock bag and make a small cut on bottom corners to release moisture or rain water. Cut a small v in the middle of the ziplock and snap it on. it is better if you prepare all the bag a head of time so you can move along quicker.

Good luck,


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Follow up
Did some with paper and plastic bags. Two of the clear plastic bags were pecked by birds and one papper bag also. Next time will try the plastic netting. The peaches tasted good and had good color with no diffrence between them.

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I tried footies on plums. Earwigs crawled in and chewed holes in the fruit.

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