Blackberries dying before ripening. zone 8

maximusdecimusApril 22, 2013

Last summer I transplanted some wild brambling blacks to a small patch and set them up like THIS. Very vigorous growth. Healthy, happy plants.

Early spring (what I thought was way too early, but 'mother nature knows best') there was masses of very vigorous budding/flowering, but EVERY DAMN BERRY has seemed to die right after they begin turning red. Flower, plump up, green, turn red, DEATH.

Some of the other wild berries in the yard and ditches around the property (some that I just tied to a stake last year to observe them as somewhat of a control) have already matured one or two berries.

The ones I moved haven't managed to mature one berry yet out of 4 plants. They seem healthy, the floracanes seem fine. Still even now, putting up new flowers. Vigorous prima growth at base. I've already had to prune out primas twice.
Water, mulched, plenty of sun, moist, well drained soil. no fruits. I was so excited. As of now, there's 1 berry on 1 plant that looks like it may actually make it. What are some reasons blackberries would dry up and die on the vine? Being that it hasn't been crazy hot, all I can think is I should have thinned out some of the berries. Comments?

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That is a fine video.

Have the "dead" berries fallen, shriveled, or rotted?

Recently transplanted mature caneberries can do strange things, I would wait until next year to see if they behave better. There may have been enough energy stored in the plants to do everything but fruit properly.

The vigorous primocane growth shows that your transplant method was fine.

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these were transplanted last summer. They've been in the patch since april or may of last year.

And they're dying on the cane. they don't immediately fall, they just shrivel into brown, dry pellets.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Like larry_gene said next year be find you just transplanted to late in year if can do all transplanting on blackberries between first freeze and January 1st this way have good fruit in about 17 months. I'm in zone 8b just now blackberries forming a freeze on fruit not good they die fall off like yours did if there fruit form after freeze they make good berries.

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Do you know that those wild blackberries were successfully ripening fruit before they were transplanted?

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2nd yr. great canes but berries come on green , turn dark and die without ever repening, what is problem.

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I have had this problem but it was related to a combination of cold injury and red neck cane borers. Look for galls or swells on the canes that die.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Something has killed the flora-canes borers like noted are drowned wet feet kill flora-canes. Some area hard keep plants from to wet spring, you should see leafs damage also on canes. I've had this happen when plant row on down inclined to wetter ground. Blackberries like wet 24 hrs once week 6 days dry.

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