Apricot Tree Problem

gstrout123April 1, 2013

My apricot trees which have been in the ground for three years are starting to leaf out. The first year they grew great but had a bad case of shot-hole fungus toward the end of the first year. During the winter I sprayed them with a copper fungicide at Christmas and in February during the dormant period. The following year it leafed out and grew poorly and once again had a good deal of shot-hole fungus by the end f the season. During the winter, I painted the entire tree with a combination of a neem oil and fungicide to try to get the shot-hole fungus under control. The fungicide was white hence the look of the trees - see attached picture. On one of the trees the new leaves are coming out fine although they are already showing signs of shot-hole fungus. On the others, about a week or two after the new leaves come out, they are shriveling up and turning brown on the limbs. Any idea what might be causing this ? I haven't done anything further to the trees beyond painting them with the oil and fungicide in December.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

The tree probably suffered too much and is dead. Several years of a bad disease can sap all the energy. RIP.

For best control of shot-hole, spray copper right at leaf fall and right when leaves are about to come out. Skip the neem, its not going to help. I would also spray dilute copper through shuck split; dilute copper is around a fifth of the dormant amount.


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