faux stone 'hypertufa' wall in BH&G magazine

lazydaisy(z7 NTX)April 28, 2006

If anyone happens to be around their local magazine stand, see if you can locate Better Home and Garden's "Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living" special edition, Spring 2006. There's an article in there about a woman who does "staging" for movies and such and she's now doing gardens in faux style with the same techniques. On page 106 she shows how she makes a faux stone wall from an existing cinder block wall. She's basically using a hypertufa mixture in the final step to create the stone look and the wall really looks nice! She shows how to prepare the existing wall and how to get the look. Worth checking out.

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lazydaisy(z7 NTX)

Well, I let this one go down. Hope someone got to look at it! :)

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Dena6355(z8 WA)

Hey Laizydaisy,
I think this magazine must come out at different times. I saw it today and would not have picked it up to flip through had it not been mentioned here. The information about the faux wall looked pretty quick and easy. I just skimmed the article so did not see how the diamond mesh was attached to the wall prior to having a scratch coat applied. Thanks for keeping your eyes open and sharing the information,

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lazydaisy(z7 NTX)

Hi Dena,
I'd have to look at the article again next time I'm at my local Barnes and Noble library :)

I think the diamond mesh was added to the initial surface that bonded to the cinder block and had a straight portland/sand slurry put on top of the diamond mesh that was then textured to "grip" the layer of hypertufa added on top of that (and then shaped). To reiterate: cinder block/bonding agent/diamond mesh/cement slurry layered in that order and then shaped hypertufa layer. Again, I'll take notes the next time I'm in there--too cheap to buy the book! LOL

I know people here have already done the hypertufa facade on cinder walls but I just thought her work was so well done and found it interesting she used the hypertufa mixture (even though she didn't call it that).

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I just typed in Garden Ideas and Outdoor Living and it comes up on the Better Homes and Gardens website. You can order it through them if anyone would like. Looks like a interesting magazine.

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