Burgess Nursery-Buyer Beware!

riverman1May 9, 2012

I knew I shouldn't do it but I ordered some trees and shrubs from Burgess this spring. Of the 25 I ordered, I think 3 are going to survive.

I contacted Burgess and asked if I could email them a copy of my invoice and ask for a replacement of the dead plants........they said NO!

They require you to mail in the information that came on the outside of the box which in my case was pretty destroyed by packing tape.

Why won't they accept the original invoice or for that matter just look up my name in their customer database?

To me this makes it clear that Burgess doesn't really want to help me the customer. By the time I snail-mail them the invoice and wait for the plants to come back it will be July and 100 degrees here.

I won't be ordering from Burgess again.


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bennylafleur(6 E. Tn.)

Riverman, if payment was made by credit card, the charge can be disputed by you with the credit card company, and the money will be refunded to you as a credit on your statement.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

They do have a bad reputation....as more people learn to check companies out before they buy companies like this will fall by the side of the road. Did you know about their rep and just decided to roll the dice? Like Benny said dispute the charge.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

I ordered a few things under their Direct Gardening name.It wasn't until later that I checked.
The plants didn't even come in a box.It was a big plastic bag and they were like sticks,with nothing on the roots.
I'm surprised though,there is only one thing,a Juneberry,that hasn't shown some growth yet.
A lot of interesting stories from people dealing with them. Brady

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Agree. This is not a reputable company per my personal experiences. Another company called Four Seasons Nursary , I believe is also part of Burgess. Be very careful if you want buy product from them. They use low price to attract customers. If you want replacement plants, you need to save the shipping label on the box in order to get warranted replacement plants. otherwise, you are out of luck.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

A few years ago, one of my neighbors ordered from Burgess. Ordered 6 trees and some blackberry plants. None of the blackberries survived and three of the trees failed to leaf. Of the three trees that did survive, one of them appears to be a rootstock.

Burgess wouldn't replace any of his plants because he couldn't find his receipt.

They apparently don't want to honor their guarantee because they send out such sorry stock.

Sounds like they are just a step above Ty Ty (barely).

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I did know about their rep but rolled the dice. I sent out my replacement request and if they don't replace them then so be it. It was only a $30.00 order so I won't be out too much money. Definitely not a company to do business with.


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So I sent a letter into Burgess telling them that my plants had died and requested a replacement of the plants. My request included a copy of the original invoice which includes my order number, the number and species of plants ordered, and my name and billing address.

They responded by saying that I needed to send a copy of a cancelled check or credit card statement........in other words, Burgess is a scam!

I filed a complaint against them to the Illinois Attorney General's office and the Better Business Bureau. I found out that they have hundreds of complaints against them and have a "D" consumer rating.

I then went to ripoffreport.com and found out that Burgess is part of a group of companies that all have a horrible consumer rating.........11 companies in total. What a scam! Beware of where you order!


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