Holes in leaves?

dooneMay 24, 2006

I'm running out of quality rhubarb leaves. Bugs are eating my leaves. Also some tears. Can I duct tape these and have them still turn out nice???


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lynnmoe(zone 3 MN)

For rhubarb leaves with holes, I have patched mine with another piece of rhubarb leaf, maybe from a smaller leaf or another leaf with holes. I've had good results with this method.

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Scotch tape works well for me.

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Now you all tell me! Darn. I just threw away several leaves...cuz I didn't know that I could patch them.... double darn.

I think I need to learn how to make molds. I've quickly read some of the threads....I think it's beyond me.....

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DebZone8(S.Puget Sound)

LOL doone!

Hi, I'm Deb and I'm a tufaholic...

Welcome to the daily meeting of the obsessive concreters therapy group and help forum. Pull up a bucket.

"Lord (or whom/whatever), help me to accept the things I cannot 'tufa, the courage to 'tufa the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference."
(Apologies to all 12-step groups, everywhere)


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LOL Deb! Too funny....!!!

Yup I've gone from being a mosaicaholic to a tufaholic. Someone help me when I decide to mix the two...I've already got ideas popping into my head here...

Ok, fellow tufaholics, so the leaf patch goes on the inside between the mother leaf and cement. Does this cause a patch mark in the cement? Can you see the patch? How about the tape, underside of the mother leaf? Sorry if these seem like silly questions...

Thanks a bunch....

still laughing at Deb....

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DebZone8(S.Puget Sound)

I would put the patch on the underside of the leaf, but maybe somebody has a better idea.

Now I'm going to go back out and work on footings for a certain block wall some more...


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