Power mixer needed ??

rhonda2006May 30, 2006


I am still trying to come up with a lightweight concrete mix (other than hypertufa) that isn't real complicated. It was suggested that I contact Grace Industries which I did.

They told me to use a pool aggregate mixed with cement.

It is a air entrained vermiculite. From what I have read I should use a power mixer. Most of my projects are small, that I have been hand mixing in a tub.

Can someone please provide some insight ?? Also, how much of the aggregate to mix with the cement?

Thanks very much.

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Rhonda --- Most lightweight aggegates are indeed tricky to mix by hand. And an air entrainement admix is not something that you will be able to benefit from using hand mixing. Successful air entrainment requires the very uniform distribution of properly sized air bubbles.

Best of Luck --- Tango

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Thanks Tango, I was hoping you could help. Looks like I will be tossing that idea out the window. :) Back to the drawing board. Rhonda

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