Flamin Fury PF-24C coldhardy peach

toddfialaMay 14, 2009

I am thinking about planting a Flamin Fury PF-24C coldhardy peach tree next spring and was wondering if anyone has had any experience they would like to share about this tree, such as fruit quality, ripening dates, and production reliability. How does it compare to Reliance? We had some temperature fluctuations this spring, with some really cold days in April here in southeast Nebraska. My Reliance did not bloom as well as last year and it looks like there will be no need for thinning. Other peach trees I have are Belle of Georgia, which did not bloom at all this year, and my Flat Wonderful had only a light scattering of blossoms, but it did not set much fruit last year either. I am interested in the PF-24C because I have read about it being a reliable cropper, but my only source of information has been nursery websites that sell this tree and Paul Friday's website, which, of course, will give it a good review. I am hoping to get an unbiased opinion from real-life experience with this tree.


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I have not grown it but the local orchards do. It is a great peach. You will like it much better than your Relaince. As far as reliability, the commercial orchards would not have it if it weren't/

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


I can't say from personal experience but there is a Nafexer who has a commercial orchard up near Chicago. He says 24c has been the only reliable cultivar that has cropped for him the last few years. It has had crops when all other "cold hardy" peaches have frozen out.

In terms of quality, I doubt Paul Friday would release a peach that wasn't better quality than Reliance.

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Thanks for the input. I am getting convinced that this is a peach tree I need to add to my yard. Does anyone know who might be able to ship it this year? I will order it immediately, and maybe one for my parents as well if I can. If not, maybe I will have to wait until next spring.


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I too am very interested in the Flamin Fury cold hardy peach, I have found it available on Grandpa's Orchard web page. Wondering if they are a good source. I've had really good luck with my Contender peach producing here in Wisconsin, even after several frosts on the bloom. Now looking to get another variety.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grandpa's Orchard

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