Question about Concord grapes

neptune24May 11, 2012

I planted some Concord grapevines last June, and although they didn't bear, they grew well last year. This year, they started leafing out at the very end of March. I also planted 2 Delaware grapevines this year, and they have already started to show tiny flower clusters. However, the Concord grapevines don't have any flower clusters yet and are growing less vigorously than the newly planted Delaware grapevines. Is there anything to be concerned about at this point? When do Concord grapes usually start to bloom? Thanks for any info.

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No. I wouldn't be surprised if they take another one or two years to begin to bear. That's pretty normal.

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OK, thanks for the info, denninmi.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


I hate to be the bearer of bad news need to look up Pierces disease. Northern grapes just do not survive here in the south. They may do ok for a year or two or a bit longer then they will decline rapidly. Grapes generally flower with the first flush of new growth.

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bamboo rabbit, I know of a GA. muscadine winery that use Concord grapes in a mixed wine. the owner gave me two 1gallon plants.
I told a friend here in S.C. of my good luck & he told me of Pierces disease.
Then was kind enough to give me 3 wine grape vines that have thicker skins, smaller grapes, that are not as sweet as table grape, but will not carry Pierces disease.
My Concords are doing fine, but will only last 7 years if I am lucky.

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Thanks for the info, bamboo_rabbit and jolj. Since I planted 2 Delaware grapes this year, which seem to be doing very well, I'm OK if my Concord grapes don't quite do what they're supposed to. :) (Incidentally, I pruned the Concords after they'd leafed out--at the end of April. I should've done that earlier, but I didn't know I was supposed to. However, a nursery told me that it would still be OK to prune them then.)

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


If the Concords have or get Pierces it will spread to the Delaware grapes. Some people get lucky and avoid the Pierces disease for awhile but once it shows up it is there and even if you get rid of the grapes and get new ones they will soon sicken.

If you want a grape that tastes identical to a concord find a Nesbitt. It is a muscadine and immune to Pierces.

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OK, thanks for the info, bamboo_rabbit. The Delaware grapes are about 500 feet away from the Concords. Could they still get Pierce's disease from the Concords?

Will the Nesbitt grow in Northeast GA? I see a lot of wild grapevines in our woods here--I think they may be some sort of muscadine too.

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Hey, bamboo_rabbit, I just found the following map indicating the range of Pierce's disease in the U.S. I'm in the "rare" area. So do I really need to be that concerned about it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pierce's Map

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