Avacado problem

Connecticutian18May 30, 2014

I have an avacado tree I purchased online last summer and have been keeping it in a pot inside for the winter because I live in the northeast. It has been very healthy and just began growing new sets of leaves before I put it outside. A few days after bringing it outside its new leaves began to turn yellowish brown and some have begun to crinkle as well. Attached are some photos. Note: it was not receiving half as much sun inside as it was outside. Should I move it to a shadier area?



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Find a spot with more shade at first. It needs to be hardened. All this time it's been protected by your window which probably block out US rays. Most likely it's a sunburn. It's also possible it could be fertilizer burn.

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like graft says...it is a gradual process of "hardening off" your tree. Gradually increase the amount of direct sun it gets. Avoid drying/damaging extreme heat conditions.

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