which elderberry/Sambucus should I seek?

grandprix1(6)May 25, 2013

I am interested in getting an elderberry bush or two and am new to the plant. It would be primarily for eating for the berries and for jelly making. I see various elderberry varieties, but am uncertain which would be preferable for giving a sweeter, or a better eating elderberry. Also, do cuttings work if I could find someone on Gardenweb who would be interested in swapping? Any recommendations would be appreciated!

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Elderberry should have 2 different species for pollination. The 2 cultivars that come to mind are "john" and "adams".

They can grow ok from cuttings, but they tend to sucker, and it would probably be easier to dig up a small plant that way.

Not sure if Sambuccus Canadiens (NA native) will pollinate the european type (sambuccus nigra)

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I have some small cuttings of John's growing and am getting Nova sent to me,which I've read is one of the sweeter ones. Brady

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