Hmmm peach tree leaves starting to bubble and look like this...

armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)May 13, 2013

Hey all,
My peach tree is getting these weird bubbles forming on the leaves...
Can see the leaves that have it on pic below... Can see it beginning to form on part of the left leaf too.
Is this nitrogen deficiency or a disease?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Sorry about that. Peach leaf curl. Too late to spray this year. If possible, remove & trash all affected leaves. At the very least, collect & discard all affected leaves that fall.

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It has a name I think peach leave curl. I is a fungus infection usually caused by wet weather and shade (less sun) When I get that thing all I can do is to move the infected leaves and the tree will grow replacements. You have to give the tree a little bet more fertilizer. You have to spray with copper once in the fall and once in early spring. It does not affect the fruit but it puts too much stress on the tree.

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alan haigh

I haven't seen it in my nursery for a long time but it's showed up this year with the first rains of spring. I generally don't spray for it and it is only an occasional problem for certain varieties in southeastern NY. Usually not too bad but in some situations can be devastating to the crop.

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armyofda12mnkeys(7a, Philly, PA)

K thanks guys. Yes, i got lazy with the copper spray this year. I did the dormant oil and didn't do the copper. I probably could have combined both sprays into one in the winter right?

Just removed the leaves today. Thanks again.

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franktank232(z5 WI) can be hit or miss here too...i went a few years and never sprayed a drop of anything and nothing...then one year it strips an entire trees and hits a few others hard... So now i spray every year... some peach trees are way more susceptible then others, or so i think... Knock on wood, but i haven't seen any this year, but then again i did spray...

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The bubbles usually look redder than that for me but looks about the same as my peach leaf curl. I only get it on my peach leaf curl resistant varieties by the way :). I think typically it doesn't get bad enough to impact crop--but it can if it's real bad. Also heard that it comes and goes regardless of spray--just depends on wetness/rain.

Spraying with copper after all the leaves fall, and then once again in late winter close to but before dormancy break--I think is the most effective organic treatment. I tried it myself just spraying in late winter once... So far I have less leaf curl this season.

Spraying at this point is not supposed to help. It's a fungal disease that I think stays near the buds/any crevices, and the leaves touch that stuff as they come out and then it's too late for this season is the thinking. I've read that taking the infected leaves off does not help--but I usually do it anyway for aesthetics and morale.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

The NJF 16 TangO seems pretty susceptible. It's not 1/2 of the tree or anything like that but maybe 5-10%, which is still a lot of leaves to pick off. On the two sides of it, my PF1 had only a few and the Carolina Gold was completely untouched. I added half a dozen new peach trees and the only kind I see any on is a Gold Dust, which had a few affected leaves.

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