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sparkwayMay 24, 2006

hi this is going to be my first attempt at hypertufa. i plan on making a planter from a plastic planter i have. from what i have read adding fibermesh seems to make it stronger. is fiberglass insulation useable? any other suggestions would be appreciated..i heard of quickwall and leaving out fiber altogether? thanks

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Hello Sparkway: Haven't any experience (yet) with the Quickwall but do know about fiberglass insulation in a mix. Save it for your attic ! Don't waste an otherwise good mix by adding insulation. Been there done that and it does not work.

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Mike Larkin

Keep it Simple

No need to add the Fibermesh to your first project - or any other small project. If you use the basic ingedients Portland Cement, Peat Moss and Perlite and carfeully add water your project will turn out fine.
Later experiment with extra ingedients, like admix and Fibermesh, .....

You will get a better ( stronger?) projects if you concentrate on not using too much water and allowing the finished product to cure slowy.

LOL Mike

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Speaking of mesh...........has anyone seen this, looks interesting to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: www.nycon.com

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