Growing unusual varieties of strawberries is fun!

the15thwiseoneMay 11, 2012

I ordered several different types of strawberries that are unusual!

One such type is Merlan which is a pink flower clumping variety! I already had one of the large berries! pretty sweet and dark red!.

Another is a ornamental variety with dark red flowers which produces small bitter tasting berries, don't know the type but it could be related to pink panda.

I also purchased 2 different pine berry varieties. White D from burpee (pretty pricey at 9.99 a plant) and White Pine (less pricey and much larger plants than the White D variety from mike at the strawberry store). So far the White D are doing rather well in a mix of sweet peat with Garden potting soil. Very sandy and rich! The one berry on my White D plant looks almost exactly like the ones on the pictures only more white! Very excited to nab up some runners and start seeing berries in the pounds!

I also bought from burpee one Purple Wonder, then they sold out just after that! Couldn't get another one, however it is probably the biggest strawberry plant I own with several large healthy leaves and producing more! Doing great in a small half foot pot!

Anyone else try any other unique varieties? perhaps for trade? Thanks!

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I keep hoping for them to breed up a strawberry of a truly odd color, like blue. Alas, no progress yet. Even the "Purple" Wonder is really just dark red. =(

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

I care more about flavor than color, the house I grew up in had a patch of native strawberries that were quite small and more flavorful than any other strawberry I've ever had - that's what I want to see offered. I got some Mara des Bois strawberries because they are supposed to be small and intensely flavored.

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I have yellow alpine strawberry, It bares very small berries but the flavor is very good, nice aromatic. Very hardy and easy to grow, no runners.

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