Is hypertufa cost effective?

ohioveggiesMay 20, 2010

For making rocks? I want to line my house beds with them but I dont want to start if it is going to end up costing to much. How much do you spend to mix up a whole large batch if you bought a bag of each ingredient?

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billie_ann(6b PA)

Depends on how many rocks, the size of the rock, which recipe you use, the cost of the product in your area, how many failed rocks you make and your labor. There's just no way to tell because of those variables. Billie

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riiight. I knew someone would say that. I just wondered if anyone felt is was cheaper than say just buying rocks and putting them down I guess.

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billie_ann(6b PA)

It is probably cheaper to buy rock........BUT how much does rock cost in your area??? lol!
Look at it this way after buying all the ingredients, your labor to mix and mold, then waiting for them to cure, then your labor unmolding and cleaning and hoping they turn out and you like them, then placing them around your house.Is it worth all the time and hot sweaty labor? And how many rocks are you talking??
Go to quarry (that's where we go around here), pick out rock and have them delivered (or haul home yourself, oh god, I remember those days...last weekend) then place around your home. It's easier and you can match your house and you know their going to turn out.
Many of us make things because we enjoy the creativity and fun. Myself, I can't imagine making tons of rocks being fun.
Keep us posted if you do rock on. We'll cheer you on!

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I will be trying this out for sure. but after i finish planting and painting the gourds im selling and and and !! haha

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oh, good lord, buy the rock :>) Billie is right. It would be one of the 12 labors of Hercules to make a border out of hypertufa. I am from New England where rocks are a winter crop, and I would still buy them for a job like that.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I got a ton of river rock you can have for FREE!!

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This is just too funny. I was steered to this forum from Florida Gardening and I was so excited to hear of this stuff, now I'm finding out it's expensive! And there are people who have real rocks up the you-know-what and are trying to give them away! You see, here in Florida, there are no rocks. (With the exception of limestone, which is usually all crushed up and spread on roads.) When we see rocks we touch them and exclaim over them, "oh, look at the rocks!" When I went to my birthplace in WV, the kinfolk looked at me and shook their heads when I rushed over to touch the rocks! But it's like the Northerners who come down here and get euphoric about sea shells and palm trees. We just shake our heads and avert our eyes from such nonsense.

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LOL, I am trying to picture a "failed rock"...I imagine a failed anything else would become a rock or collection of rocks that I plan to use to line my beds.

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