Memorial Day. It's more than just another 'sale'.

tango88(z8TX)May 28, 2006

Anybody here remember when it was called "Veteran's Day"? Take a moment to thank a Vet for everything we hold dear...and for everything we take for granted.

Support veterans & the rights and they have earned.

Hats off and... no matter what conflict...welcome home to the ones who made it. And our deepest regards & respect to the ones who did not.

All my best to all of you who served --- Tango

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I think it's been called Memorial Day for as long as I recall and Veterans Day (formerly Armistice Day) is in November. But I'll glady second your thoughts. Thanks vets!

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Yes, this is a patriotic day, so let us remember thru "decoration" the men, boys, and women who died in fighting to defend our rights, our freedoms, our country. It has its origins from 1865. Anybody interested in the history, there is a link below. Veterans day is observed in November, another patriotic day.

Here is a link that might be useful: History of Memorial Day

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Thank you for correcting me on which holiday got re-named.

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