Currant vigor

elight23(z6OR)May 19, 2013

I have a Ben Lomond growing for its second year in a 15gal container. I planted it deeply and cut it back to about 4" initially (should have cut it to 2"). The first year two buds grew and I got one new shoot from bellow the soil line. This had the plant is very healthy with a nice amount of fruit and gorgeous happy leaves, but it has only sent up one new shoot for a total of four. This is my only edible current, but from what I've read the plant should send up multiple a year. Did I screw everything up by cutting it to 4" instead of 2"? Any thoughts?

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I have found that my black currants have grown far slower than my red, pink and white currants. I've never heard of growing currants in a container must be pretty!.

My 'Ben Serak' black currant did not really start sending up new shoots for about two to three years. They are very 'shrub' like now (6 years later) with many stalks. The 'Ben' series of black currants seem to take a bit longer to get a decent crop. I do not think your pruning hurt the shrub. It is establishing its root system. I find my black currants to not like pruning very much. Just my humble opinion. Mrs. g

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