Proper way to clean out strawberry bed

Mr.Pickle(4)May 16, 2013

My strawberry bed is waking up from dormancy and I was just wondering what is the correct way to clean out the old dead leaves. I'm not quite sure if all of the runners are dead or if the old plants are dead. Am I supposed to cut them off and pull them out of the ground for the new growth?

Any ideas on how to clean this mess up? Thanks

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Its alittle late to do this but what I like to do in the fall, Oct-Nov for me, is to thin the plants so there spaced about 1ft apart. Pull off all the old dead leafs and cut the remaining leafs off at the crown. Put down a 1 inch layer of some home made compost and mulch a 1 inch layer of pine bark. Thats pretty much it. In my location they dont seem to really go dormant per say, but they do slow down in the winter. Buy Jan-Feb they start to pick up speed and Im picking berries again by the end of Feb-June. This is all depending if they make it through our hot summers. This year I found a great variety called Sweet Charlie that puts out a lot of nice sized berries for my area. Im going to put up shade cloth this summer and try to nurse them through.

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