Cherry problem

yawineyMay 21, 2013

1st yr bare root cherries. New leaves dying off and turn to brown before they develop. A few do develop and looks like they are getting munched. No sign of bugs but the birds are always there. Could it be birds?
1st the vandalay had it then the Nugent, then the Stella got it. My Utah Giant is still healthy but is showing some signs in the lower buds. Here is a pic of the problem on the Nugent. wish i could post more. I will add more in the follow ups.

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Next pic,

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Campanula UK Z8

yes, it certainly could. I had 8 years of lovely cherries before pigeons discovered mine....and now they are back every year, stripping the entire tree of young new leaves (not so bothered with the little green cherries). Have to net the entire thing the day the last blossom falls (and the new leaves start emerging). Truly annoying because my cherries grow amongst roses and foxgloves and now look like an ugly eyesore......but if we want bowls of luscious cherries, we just have to avert our eyes.

I have dark fantasies of avicide, every year (the redcurrants are a battle too).

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Net the whole thing...I'll try that. Thank you.

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