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susanan_gwMay 20, 2006

How do you set up a work station for casting leaves? Last year I set up a 4X4 foot plywood table outside on saw horses, dumped 400 lbs of sand on top and and worked off that. REALLY did not like looking at that table all summer, plus I had to get rid of all that sand in the fall. This spring I thought I'd be smarter and cast my leaves on our beach by the pond, but it takes so long to lug all the materials to the pond,then lug it all back to the garage when I was done. Thought of setting up a permanent work station in one of the unused boxstalls in the barn. Someone out there must have a better way of organizing a work area. I'm open to suggestions.

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ltd123(6A southern Ind)

Build a fence to hide behind. That is what has worked best for me. I have a carport that is really a storage area next to the garage. I started my mess (leaf casting) in there but things spread out in a hurry and took over other areas. I built a solid wood fence about 30 feet long that goes nowhere but it hides an ugly view. That area is perfect for my concrete projects; it has water, some shade, room for unsightly things. I can splatter paint, shake off extra concrete, drip polyurethane, etc and never care.

good luck with this problem

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billie_ann(6b PA)

How big are the leaves that you're working on? I use trays, some are discarded half sheet cake pans or reinforced heavy duty cardboard boxes. I cut the boxes to about 2 or 3 inches tall, wrap with duct tape, line with plastic and fill with as much sand as I'll need. I line the sheet cake pans with plastic and then fill with sand. I use wet and dry sand for casting. You probably know this, watch what you use for wet sand due to the weight. I have shelving in my studio/greenhouse that I can slid the trays onto for curing. The trays are ridgid enough that I can stack them on top of each other too. If you use shelving to store/cure make sure that either the shelves are smooth so you can slide the trays or the shelf opening is wide enough to get into up to your shoulder. When I work on projects in the house I work on trays too, on the kitchen table. I have a closet with shelves that the trays can be stored in if I'm not finished with the project or it's an ongoing project. Hope this helps. Billie

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I have tables in my garage - since I can't get my big truck in there anyways....

Two tables, sand, plastic, cement, mixing tub, watering can, gloves...

I like the idea of boxes or cookie sheets...I'll have to try that out so that I can do more than just four leaves at onces...


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I don't know that you ever get organized, when it comes to tufa :-) I just put an old door on saw horses, out behind the greenhouse and started making a mess! Every once in awhile I try to clean up a bit.

Here is a link that might be useful: pic

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rickharmer(z4British Colum)

Check with IKEA.They have shelving systems that are strong and reasonably cheap,both in pine and metal(more expensive).The basic system in wood(the name escapes me)is expandable and easy to set up.I think(?)it'll take some serious weight.I use one for curing(IKEA sells a plastic,zip-up cover)and others for storage.I've used them for several years,no problems.
I'm finding that I'm running out of room.So much concrete,so little space seems to happen to us all.Good luck with your solutions.
Cheers from here

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