Landscape fabric between berry rows?

dirtslinger2(6)May 18, 2012

I've got a half acre or mixed berries planted, all in rows of annually mulched raised beds.

As this is a lot of work I am hoping to simplify maintenance a bit. Plan was to mow but the grass is encroaching the berries much faster than I can manage it.

Would the heat generated from black fabric harm berries (blueberries/gooseberries/blackberries/currants etc etc)?

Any other issue you can think of? I figured on covering the ground in between rows, plus a swath all the way around the plot- but leaving rows exposed to allow mulch to be added. Just pegging it down and hoping the wind doesn't rip it up.

I don't like the idea of plastics or fabrics in the garden, but at least this breathes. Thanks.

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The problem I've had with landscape fabric is that weeds start growing on top of it and through it. I have one heavy-duty piece that covers one pathway, and each spring for four years I've ripped it up and flipped it over.

The plan that's emerged for us over a period of years is grass/clover mix in wide corridors, and deep sawdust/wood chip mulch for the berries and fruit trees. The few weeds that come up through the mulch get well trampled during picking season.

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Are they growing on top of fabric even without mulch placed over it?

We've got a very unique situation here where weed seeds come in by the millions all the time, and if grass/clover are grown in between rows these weeds are tough enough to establish within and spread over in no time.
Hoped fabric could cut that back.

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