Flavor Delight apriums

itheweathermanMay 21, 2013

How are your flavor delight apriums doing?

I planted my bare-root FD aprium April 11th and it's growing super fast, it now has 18 inches of growth, the hotter it gets the faster it grows. I never had a stone fruit tree that grows so fast as FD aprium. I highly recommend this tree for beginners. This tree is in five gallon pot.

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I'm about a week away from harvesting about 4-5 dozen apriums off of my tree in Arizona.

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I had a nice little crop from mine last year. Wonderful fruit! Juicier than apricots.

This year, it decided not to flower much, but it's worth keeping for the years I actually get any. I think there may be a dozen green ones on the tree now.

I actually wish the tree weren't so vigorous. It came on "semi-dwarf" stock from Stark's alas, and I have to keep it pruned back severely. I know better now.

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Here is my potted aprium.

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