My fountain is done except..

myback_garden(6b ON Canada)May 21, 2006

for the plantings...I've got to put more plants in and still not sure which one's to I'll just leave it as is and look around for some..if anyone has any suggestions..I'd welcome them (just a beginner gardener here) I am going to try to post some pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mill Wheel Fountain

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tulipfarmer(SW ON CAN)

Hi ! Can't see the photos - it says no public albums.
Where in Ontario are you? I'm in south-western ON in Goderich.

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myback_garden(6b ON Canada)

I'm not sure the link worked but if you go to My Page and click then click on my web link at the bottom then click on go to photo's home I think it might work...HELP HELP..I'm no good a posting pictures either lol

this may work

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myback_garden(6b ON Canada)

Hi Laurel: I live in London..and I have been many many times to your home (Goderich). In fact my husband was just saying the other night ..maybe we should look at Goderich for retirement.I want to live at the

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rickharmer(z4British Colum)

Laurel-If you're in Goderich shopping for plants,check in to Denomme's on the square,and say hi to Sandy,who just happens to be my sis!
Cheers from here

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tulipfarmer(SW ON CAN)

hi Deb - still no luck viewing your photos. Maybe you have to change it to public instead of private? just a suggestion?
Well, London is certainly not far from here. Perhaps we can get together sometime.
Rickharmer - small world - I'll drop in to Denommes this week and say Hi to Sandy!!!

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myback_garden(6b ON Canada)

Sorry Laurel...I just can't seem to figure this out. I have posted pics beofre but have no idea why the link is not working I did change it to public..I will try again on Monday Thanks Deb

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try this

I think that this will work.

These days I'm doing this sort of thing (web) for a living. I thrive on uncovering minor glitches.



Here is a link that might be useful: adjusted url

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Deb, it is WONDERFUL! I love it. Can you give us details as to how it is constructed? How big is the mill stone? How did you support it? How many GPM is the pump? (can you tell I'm excited? lol)

We're building a new house, therefore new landscaping and after seeing this I would love to incorporate a similar fountain. Also, making a mill stone looks like a good use for all the tufa tailings I've collected over the years.

Great job! Thanks for sharing.

(thanks straw_dog for tweaking the url!)

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tulipfarmer(SW ON CAN)

WOW! Very nice! That is great!
thanks to straw_dog - I see the photos now.
Love your bowl and lantern, too!

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myback_garden(6b ON Canada)

Straw Dog :Thanks so much for fixing that url for me..It was making me

Rick:Re your sister they have relatives from London..Denomme's it is a huge family here..I know some of them???

Garden Chicken and Laurel. The mill wheel is about 23 inches round.It is made from Tufa.It was my first attempt at a mill wheel .(I plan on making some more so they will be better)The pump is a 510GPH and sits in a perforated garbage pail that is 28 inches deep..So it sits on the edge it doesn't need any other support.First we dug out the area where the stone would lay(about 3" deep)Then We dug the hole slightly larger than the pail in width and angled the top of the hole so the water would run back down..Put in a liner...put the garbage pail in..then put river rock all around it..some bigger ones slid them down the side of the pail and hole..but I just kept shoving them in The blocks around it I purchased because the garden centre where we get our rock had a half price day so I only paid $44.00 for the brick(13"x9"x4")24 of them but I used 23 and $25.00 for the river rock-it is about 4" deep. I was going to make them from cement or tufa but not when I could get them for that kind of
the whole thing is 7'5"x5'5" and then the garden around it..which I am still trying to figure out what to plant. We layed all the stone and the river rock and put in the mill wheel then dug up the grass around it and then filled with new topsoil
Thanks for your kind words about my fountain..It is great sitting on the deck just listening to it and watching it.Everyone who see's it is wanting
Oh by the way the pump didn't come with a big enough exstension so we just screwed a piece of threaded steel pipe on to it and took off the fountain head so it would just shoot up( goes up about 1' and it just reaches the top of the hole in the mill wheel so it worked out perfect.

Email Rickharmer regarding pumps..:) he knows everything about them Thanks again Deb

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Hi Deb,

well you're welcome for sure.

And I hadn't looked at the pictures last night, but the whole fountain feature is pretty cool. The bamboo(?) and grassy things suit it quite well I think. Very nice.



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ltd123(6A southern Ind)

Deb - Your work is lovely. I like the setting - seems perfect for the design you used. For plantings, I would like to see something green, short, and consistent so it would show off your fountain area. You have a couple of tall things planted for accents so - in my opinion - it is time for a carpet of green to tie it all together and highlight the things you already have. An evergreen groundcover would be perfect but at least pick something perennial so it is carefree (well, no plants are carefree but you know what I mean). Around here ivy would work or some sedums or pachysandra or vinca minor. You probably know better plants for your area. Whatever you decide to do I hope you follow up with more photos later!!

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Thant's a beautiful fountain, and the whole area looks great. I agree some smaller ground cover types might be perfect. Some creeping thyme, maybe chicks and hens, sedums , a few violas.
Really nice job.

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rustinj(z7 AL)

Deb, That really looks nice!!! I think some ferns would look nice as a border, and it looks like there will be plenty of shade and moisture.


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myback_garden(6b ON Canada)

Laura...Cindy...Justin: Thanks for your thoughts on what to plant.I did put in a couple hens and chicks and some ground cover called Pink Pewter as well as Astilbe"Rhythm and Blues" The grasses are (I forget the put in a couple of Moonbeam Coreopsis and some Phlox(white to add a liitle colour..A couple of Hosta's and a small real slow growing Japanese Garden Juniper-It is about 4 feet away from the waterfal.I have 2 moundy things dug from my daughters garden in there as well( I have no clue as what they are) There are 2 more grasses I would like to put in and then I'll just let it fill in this year and see what next year brings.I'll probally change everything but what the heck..I'm new to gardening and I have been told that once you get something spend the next few years changing it

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kobold(Vancouver BC)


The garden is something never finished, never will. Just changing and changes your life too. A place where you want to be.


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Wow, that is really great, great job.

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myback_garden(6b ON Canada)

Andrea: I know what you mean. I'm already thinking of ways to change our front garden and I just put the plants in last but it's not quite right..and everytime I say that to my Hubby...he rolls his eyes and groans. He ended up with 3 hernia's last year after I talked him into building a brick retaining wall out front, so I could plant a garden there..He was not a happy camper having to spend about 5 weeks of nice weather after an operation recuping and not being able to ride his

Bonnie: I'm glad you and everyone has liked our fountain..We are getting some nice enjoyment out of it. I have some more pic's with more of the plants around it I'll try to post them and hopefully Sean is around to do it right if I can't get it myself..Thanks so much Deb
I tried to do the pics but they are taking forever to upload to the I'll try again tommorrow..

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Im with rustinj - ferns!!!! I would want to keep the fountain the focal point - not the flowers or greenery...

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DebZone8(S.Puget Sound)

Deb, that is a gorgeous fountain...well done! What a wonderful place to relax.

I have to throw in my 2 cents about planting too--I agree that you should keep it low and not tart it up with too much color. Planting in drifts (big sections of the same plant, like hosta or ferns) is what looks natural. You can always fill in with leafy annuals while you're waiting for slow evergreens and perennials to fill in or trying to decide what you really like.

Enjoy your lovely water feature...


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myback_garden(6b ON Canada)

Thanks Debzone and doone..Everyone says ferns..So ferns it is..I added 5 ferns and 3 more hosta. The only color will be from the moonbeam which mixes really well with the grass(little tiny flowers yellow) and as well it will be overshadowed by the grass once some growth starts to it will be peeking out a little.The phlox is there for filler till the others grow as is the Astilbe(They will be moved to a new location later)...The bed size is about 18'x10' so it is a fair size to fill..Thanks again Deb

I'm hoping the ferns take as it is shady some of the day and sunny some of the day as well.

Do ferns last very long???? Like all summer??? lol

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joanmary_z10(z10 Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Ah, thats a beautiful fountain! What materials did you use for it and in what proportions? I'd love to make one here in this heat! Just looking at it would cool me down!

A peaceful jem Deb. Well done!

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My ferns last until it gets really hot and sunny. I need to transplant mine to shade...but, they always come back every year!!! I love mine...

I think you'll be very happy with your choices...and your fountain is just lovely....

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myback_garden(6b ON Canada)

Joanmary : Thanks I listed some where at the beginning of this post we made the fountain..Have a peek and if you need to ask any questions..I'll gladly answer. I think I wrote down the tufa recipe I used for the mill wheel or I posted it when I completed it last year..hmmm can't remember now..but I will look for it if you want it

doone: Thanks for the info..I'll wait and see how they react as it gets warmer..They look nice around it now but one did die...My wants are to have greenery around it all summer as this is where we sit most often.... so I may have to replant if what I have there does not work for that purpose....but the good thing is I have lots of places to move them. I went to my neighbour and told them everyone on the forum said to get some he handed me a shovel and said dig away...he has tons in and around all his wooded back garden...Love when that happens..:) Deb

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