Question about cherry trees

neptune24May 18, 2012

Four years ago, I planted two cherry trees--one Stella and one dwarf bush. Last year, the dwarf had a couple dozen cherries, and it's doing the same this year--it's now over 5 feet tall. The Stella is 7 feet tall, but it's not really yielding any fruit. This year, it had about a dozen flowers, but ended up producing only one small green cherry, which disappeared quickly before ripening.

Does it take forever for Stella to yield fruit? Are the bush cherries better in that regard? Thanks for any info.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

The warm, and sometimes hot, strange winter we had set you back this year I would guess. My Morello cherry tree did the same thing.

Same thing happened to two of my peach trees.

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Thanks, Randy. Sorry to hear about your trees. Can I ask you something else? Are there tons of fleas outside where you live? I've lived in GA for over 30 years and have never seen so many fleas outside as now. My guess is that our crazy March was the biggest culprit. I have to wear long pants just to go outside now.

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My Stella is a dozen years old and does the same thing. Loaded with flowers, little or no fruit. Last year, after I put in another cherry, it bore a couple gallons and I was hopeful. This year, nada.

MAYBE it was the weather, but the other cherry fruited abundantly.

I have my eye on the chainsaw.

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Randy31513(Georgia 8b)

If you mean the gnats, yes they are as bad as I have ever seen them.

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That's bizarre about your cherry tree, ltilton. Maybe the Stella is only good for looks. :)

Randy, well the gnats too. But the fleas are so bad where I live that I can pick up a dozen just walking from the front door to the garage. No joke. They're everywhere. Each day, I kill at least a dozen that got dragged inside. I wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt whenever I go outside now.

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