asian pears, are their leaves fuzzy or smooth?

sunandshadowMay 7, 2012

I received two trees which are supposedly asian pear trees. Mysteriously, one has fuzzy leaves and one has smooth leaves. Is it possible that these are both asian pears, or is one mis-identified? Could being grafted onto different stock affect leaf texture on the grafts?

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I've grown a few types of asian pear trees from seed, and like any regular pear, the leaves are smooth.

I really doubt the graft stock will affect the leaf texture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asian pear leaves

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Photos would help. I kind of suspect, given the likely scenarios, that the one with a fuzzy leaf is a quince.

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Leaves can be a little fuzzy when they first emerge but become smooth, at least for my two varieties. The rootstock they're on has fuzzy leaves though.

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These leaves did become a bit less fuzzy as they matured. Here are pics of what they look like now (hopefully they will link correctly, I haven't tried linking pics hosted on google plus before). I don't think it's a quince at any rate, the picture of those I googled don't look the same.

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Can you all see the pictures? Also, on the tree with the fuzzy leaves, on one of the three grafts the leaves seem to be turning a lighter green and losing some of their fuzz - I'm hopefully taking this as a sign that they are maturing and that variety is supposed to have lighter green leaves, rather than that the graft is ill.

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One of my varieties is also noticeably less green than the other. Looks ok to me, the bottom one has pointier leaves than the ones I've seen, but that could be varietal as well.

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