Che tree

yawineyMay 11, 2013

Anyone have experience with Che tree from hidden spings or other nurseries that do mail order? I'm in the North bay, CA.

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austransplant(MD 7)

I've got a Che from Edible Landscaping. Usually you need two plants for pollination, but Edible Landscaping claims their tree is self fertile. Last year it set quite a few fruit, though it lost most of them before they ripened, but I did get to eat a handful. It seems to take a few years (3-4) before it starts to reliably produce fruit. I am hoping that this year it will provide a decent crop. The fruit is quite tasty.

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Thanks. yes, self fruitful would be great. Was that handful of fruit the 1st or 2nd year? Did it come bareroot or potted?

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Experiences - at least here in the eastern US - from a friend who's grown Che for nearly 2 decades, suggests that you don't need two; they will set fruit parthenocarpically. He initially planted both a 'male' and 'female'. Something happened and the 'male' died - but the 'female' continued fruiting unabatedly, so he never replaced the 'male' tree. YMMV over there on the left coast.
Hidden Springs is good; I've also purchased from Edible Landscaping, but it was over 15 years ago - have never heard any complaints about either outfit.

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I have a tree from Edible landscaping that has been fruiting for at least 6 years. They will send you a containerized plant which I find much easier than dealing with bare root. The berries flavor remind me of watermelon, very sweet and no acidity.

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