So I found this black Strawberry plant...

the15thwiseoneMay 3, 2012

I've been looking for a REALLY dark fleshed strawberry, and fell upon a link online that described black strawberry as a delicacy in Europe around the 1800s. These berries all but were elusive on my search until i came upon these seeds from china.

The seeds are a light green and the fruit changes to black upon ripening...the leaves are the same color as the seeds, kinda looks...spooky just about as spooky as a pineberry.

Here is the Link:

Look real or fake? This item has several transactions so..i can tell you most of them are positive feedback!

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The picture looks photoshopped/color adjusted. If the green were a more natural green in the photo, I'd say maybe, but to me, looks like a bad color adjustment in photoshop. Probably a quite dark burgundy/red/purple when ripe, but I doubt it's that black.

I'm voting "fake". Would someone try to cheat the consumer with false advertising? Perish the thought.

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There are 2 reviews that are 5 stars, and im guessing the color accuracy wasnt an issue! it looks alien like for sure but black strawberries have existed before in eurasia so this might be one of the remaining population. the other one ive personally seen is a black with purple seeds. Or black with white seeds. true black fruit are rare even in such a fruit with such variance of color like the strawberry.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Well, clearly the color has been altered. And, the 2 reviews don't mean much of anything, they could easily be submitted by the seller, no guarantee that what this Chinese seller is selling indeed looks like this (highly doubtful). Of course you can alway buy some, grow them and find out. You're asking us on the forum if this is "real or fake". Denninmi and I are both saying "fake". Or at least, certainly not this "fake" colorized photo clearly Photoshopped. Perhaps a darker burgundy, but not this color.

Patty S.

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