1st yr Persimmon yellow leaves

yawineyMay 19, 2013

My 1st yr bare root persimmon leafed out mostly on the ends of the branches leaving alot of the wood without leaves. They were green at 1st and have gotten yellow over the past few weeks. There is a good layer of compost on top with wood chip mulch on top of that. Same mix as my other trees and they are all green leaves. The leaves look healthy otherwise. Shiny and vibrant, just yellow.
I really don't think there could be too little N. Is this normal?

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alexander3_gw(6 Pennsylvania)

My Asian persimmon normally leafs out with pale green leaves that darken up as they mature, yours seems to be doing the opposite, which I would say is not normal.

Is this an Asian or American persimmon?


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Asian. Jiro. Anything besides N deficincy that could cause this?

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kaisersoze(10a - San Diego)
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Chlorosis is not normal and the trees will not grow out of this. Try to spray foliage with iron chelate. Epsom salt applied to the roots may help to lower PH. Excessive phosphate in the soil may be the cause as it blocks the intake of iron especially in the neutral to basic soils.

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If the leaves are light green with a yellow tinge, don't worry; that is not abnormal. If they are yellow and starting to wilt, you have a problem. Just make sure that you have good soil, adequate moisture, nitrogen fertilizer, but not too much.

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Definately not wilting. Leaves are shiny and vibrant but very light in color bordering on yellow.

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Still looking yellow but not wilting. there are just a couple leaves that dryed kind of gray/brown. My other trees are good with the soil and compost. Anything specific to persimmons that would cause this?

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