Ants causing problems on Cherries?

yawineyMay 25, 2013

I am still trying to figure out if it is disease or pests destroying the new growth on my 1st yr cherries. I have posted some pics before but so far havn't figure it out. The buds of the young leaves dry up and turn brown before they come out. The leaves that mature look healthy. There are 4 varieties in 1 huge raised bed. The utah Giant is doing well. The other 3 are in dire straits.
There has been these tiny red balls on the leaf stems. On some they are tan/yellow. After bird netting i noticed ants walking up and down limbs and doing something at those little nodules. I had seen these little nodules on cherry leaf stems before and thought they were normal.
BTW the utah G. has the little nodules too and it has been able to put up a canopy. Please help!

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goyo626 S.Cal.8b/SZ20

Is it like these pictures? If so dont worry about it. I think they are called stipules but they are little sugar bumps that ants love to eat. They eat the sugar in the glands and leave the leaves alone also i believe they will attack any aphids that are on the tree. I wouldn't worry about about the ants too much unless you start seeing leaf damage. If it is not the bumps on the pic then someone else may be able to help you.

edit: Obviously if the ants are harming the fruit or the tree check some of the posta on this forum regarding ant control.
As to the new tender growth browning and shriveling up, has it been hotter than usual? I notice the new growth on my cherry shrivel and die when the sun gets too harsh. If it is not the sun, someone more experienced can help you.

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That's exactly what i'm talking about. Thanks. I thought it was normal and the ants don't seem to be doing any harm, just getting desperate here. I could try shade cloth, It is a full sun spot. Any other suggestions would be helpful

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Not stipules. Instead, nectaries.

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