Don't spray if no sign of PC???

denninmi(8a)May 27, 2013

Literally no sign of them. I wondered if last year's total freeze out would crash the population, and it appears it has.

We are at the point here that iris are blooming and lilac blooms are browning out, oak leaves are basically fully expanded.

I have looked at hundreds to thousands of fruit on all species, and so far have seen one scar.

So, are they gone for this year? Should I spray imidan and triazicide anyway, or just hold off?

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Do you usually have mostly PC or all of the Big Three (PC, OFM and Coddling moth)?

It could be the temperature. This may be too cold in your area for them to start emerging in large number. At least for PC, when the low temp reaches 60 F., they will start hurting your fruit in force. But if the freeze actually have wiped them out, you are very lucky.

In addition to check for bug signs, you may want to check the temp as well as rain forecast. If it gets warmer quickly with more rain, you may not have much time to react.

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alan haigh

If you are attentive on a daily basis I would think it is safe to leave trees unprotected if you see no pests. You might want to set up the appropriately colored sticky traps on apples closest to woods.

Can't say I'm speaking from actual experience though. I always spray when I've read that PC are active in my area. MSU probably offers this information if you look for it.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

The cold evenings put a damper on their activitiy. I'm in s/w mi and have seen fair amount of bites a week ago. They even hit shinseiki

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Ok, I'll monitor Closely. Temps have been all over the place, snow on Mother's Day. Close to 90 last week early, frost Saturday and Sunday nights.

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Every year that I thought they crashed they were just delayed or working in spots I had not noticed. This year they started out very slowly so I let me guard down a bit; I ended up getting close to the usual amount of damage.

Anyway, its OK to delay but be very careful and don't just scout a spot or two, they could be ruining some other part of your orchard.


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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

There have been so much rain here in Omaha and my spraying schedule is out of the window. I was able to spray all the apple trees, but did not have enough time to spray my two Snow Queen nectarines and they got hit by PC hard. I think every fruits got hit. I will try to save about 20 of them by cut out the bite mark and hopefully with the eggs in them and bag them afterward.


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franktank232(z5 WI)


MSU update today said that in SE MI the PC are in the trees, just not laying eggs yet...

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I did not have a chance to spray after petal fall due to windy and rainy condition. I did not see much damage so I felt OK.

I finally got my first spray of Immunox and Triazicide in on May27. Yesterday and today, I checked the fruit again, there were more fruit damages than I first thought. I believe it occured before I sprayed but I did not see them.

Most damages were from coddling moth. Some fruitlets were partially eaten (from outside), I guess by worms (I saw different sizes of green worms and a few brown ones). Only a few signs of PC and OFM damages.

It's be in the 90's in the next 3 days after tonight downpour. I may have to spray again sooner than later.

Get your sprayer ready, Denninmi.

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