Jellyman, how is your Eureka persimmon tasting?

PersianMD2OrchardMay 27, 2012

Was wondering for an update on your three persimmons. I'm in the market for an astringent flat shaped variety. I can only find Eureka reports near/in Texas but I'm in Virginia. Seems only options readily available and talked about are Great Wall and Eureka. Great Wall sounds more cold hardy, but Scott did not think too highly of the flavor, consistency, or size. How is the Eureka doing for you in VA taste-wise and any frost damage?

Thanks a lot!

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You can look at Just fruits and exotics nursery persimmons and choose the astringent flat variety for your zone.


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alan haigh

Shin is flat shaped and turned out to be somewhat astringent here. It is extremely precocious.

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Thanks I will look into Shin. Since it was only partially astringent though did the full ripe flavor only get partially as good/sweet as a fully ripe astringent? know of any sources?

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