Info on avocados that come close to Haas and/or taste great

Garden_Life_Zone_9bMay 19, 2012

IâÂÂm looking to buy two avocado trees and IâÂÂm thinking of buying a regular Haas avocado tree, and/or a Florida Haas avocado tree or another type, and IâÂÂm trying to find as much of the following as I can -

* If anyone knows someone who has a Florida Haas avocado and what months it fruits

* If anyone has tried growing a regular California Haas in Florida and how successful they were, and when the California Hass fruits in their zone. I spoke to a manager at Pine Island Nursery today who said their Haas trees are the original California kind, not the Florida cultivar. They are in Miami and IâÂÂm in Sarasota in zone 9b near the edge of zone 10a, and they seemed vague about whether it would do well in my zone in FL.

* What other ones I should consider that have a similar taste to Haas that are growable in zone 9b, or ones that are widely considered to taste great eating the flesh directly (or with a cracker or corn chip), and not having to prepare it, like in a salad, or guacamole. I run a nonprofit and work 60 to 65 hours a week and simply donâÂÂt have time to prepare things. I also want to give them to friends and have the highest percentage of people be happy about getting them.

I travel for work from June 1 to Oct. 1 each year, and sublet my place those months. So IâÂÂm looking for two that taste great eaten straight up, that fruit during different months between October and May so that I have them more months and donâÂÂt get double harvests and feel bad I donâÂÂt have time to give it away as it rots. I barely have time to give away one treeâÂÂs harvest.

I searched a couple hours for Florida Haas info and Chestnut Hill says Nov-Dec, Jenes Tropicals in St. Pete says February to August, a place in Ft. Myers says summer, Pepes Plants says November-December, and Rock Ledge says January is the peak harvest time. 5 different places in Florida say completely different things, so I need someone who know someone who has owned it and remembers when it fruited.

And what varieties do you think come close to the Haas taste. Or have you owned other types that a large percentage of your friends really liked. For example, there is tree in my yard that produces big avocados and people who like making guacamole are glad enough to get them, but less than a third like the direct taste.

Whatever you recommend, if youâÂÂve also owned it or know someone who did, I would love to hear what months yours typically matured and your zone. Pine Island said Bacon and Oro Negro are great taste, and the 2 sites IâÂÂve seen for those have really different maturity months. Some have said Brogden is good, and all sites say they ripen in summer so that wonâÂÂt work for me. Many thanks.

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You should check this guys website out, he's in homestead, fl

Here is a link that might be useful: florida avocados

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