oriental fruit flies and cuddling moth

treehugger2012May 11, 2013

To start I am not an expert in fruit flies but I am an individual who suffered too much. I spent a lot of time studying the life cycle of OFM and came to the conclusion it can not be controlled by little fruit grower like myself. The little guys and gals fight against OFM reminds me with a regular army in guerrilla ware fare fights which no army ever won. The French and we the Americans lost in Vietnam, the Russians lost in Afghanistan and we lost in Iraq and now we are trying to find less humiliating way to leave Afghanistan. It is a simple problem the Americans, the Russians and the French all has almighty fire power but their enemy is not clearly defined and can not be found. The same analogy I have almighty fire power in terms of Spectracide, Sevin. Bonide and host of insecticides to kill OFM but I can not find them they are ghost enemy and the damage is severe. Off course the commercial growers who has thousands of acres of orchard has their sophisticated system and teams of experts. They even found ways to prevent the adult OFM from having sex to fertilize the eggs and other ways to render the male impotent.
From my study about the OFM the adults do not harm my trees but the one who does the little larva hatched from the eggs. In early spring where it is cool the eggs need 3 weeks to hatch and in hot summer the eggs need 3 to 5 days to hatch and there are 5 generations in one season.
Call me crazy but desperate how about if I prevent the eggs from hatching by spraying dormant oil spray like the one made by Bondie and called all season. In spring I can spray every two weeks and in hot summer I can spray every 3 days. I know too much oil on the tree is not good but especially if the tree suffers from droughts. It is not a big of a deal I water my 40 trees and depend only on rain very little.
Please tell me the pros and cons. If it works it will save me from depression.
Thanks for reading my silly rant.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

The problem is that you're cuddling them too much! You need some ddt! I feel your pain.

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What do you mean by ddt! if you meant the dust its use was outlawed. How I am cuddling them I can not find them. I never saw one except pictures and in videos. Thanks for feeling my pain.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

Just some morni' coffee comedy relief! I got some red spheres with tanglefoot for them and I'll see how that works. I haven't tried pheromones but got some surround. Bad DDT joke...

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Abe, oil does help. I saw some studies a long time ago that I don't remember too well but it was something like 1/2 to 1/3 less damage by spraying a lot of oil. I often mix mineral oil with Surround for that reason. If you have a huge population that might not help you enough but if the population is low that reduction could give you some good fruit. The main problem is when its warm the eggs hatch quickly and once the worm is out its too late for the oil.


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Thanks scott
I think also the horticulture oil recently got improved it is lighter and less damaging to the trees. They have a blunt claim which I hope they are right they say "it kills insects in all life cycle including eggs". The thing I love about oil is that it does not harm my friends the bees or ladybugs. If I get half of my peach crop, Apple, cherry, pear and Apricot without that ugly black injury I will be naked dancing in street. After mid-night off course while the kids are sleeping.

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