Is this the calm before the storm

2010champsbcsMay 15, 2014

So far so good. Last year I had a heavy infestation of cedar apple rust (car) on my crabapple and dorsett tree leaves. This year as of now I only have a few spots on the crabapple leaves. I have been reading about the car life cycle and they say the only effective treatment is before or during the infestation. This is a bit confusing to me so I�m not sure how to ask for advice. Any input is welcome. I have been spraying with Serenade on an 8-10 interval this season.

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Tony(Zone 5. Omaha, Nebraska)

Use copper spray during dormant season. I usually spray mine before buds break. Once leafed out it is too late, Car won't harm the tree.


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I have to disagree. While copper does offer some protection, Timing for CAR fungicide sprays should be based on the activity of the orange spore-bearing bodies in the cedar trees. These expand in warm, wet weather, and that's the time to spray.

Many people rely on their fungicide spray for scab to cover the CAR, particularly the petal-fall spray.

I don't think Serenade is specifically listed for CAR, although the label says "rusts"

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alan haigh

Myclobutanil. Immunox. 2 sprays, one at petal fall, one 2 weeks later. Has kickback and will dry up spores that might otherwise infect apples. A little on leaves no problem.

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Thanks to all of you for posting and sharing your experience. There is a lot to learn about fruit growing and my goal is to get better each season. Bill

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Do you spray the whole tree with Immunox or just the blossoms/fruit?

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I use the Harvestman method with Immunox. Simple and effective for me.

I'd say spray the whole tree tshia6br.

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Spray the whole tree. CAR mostly affects leaves.

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