Is this a Hood pear?

2010champsbcsMay 8, 2014

As many of you do I obtain grafts from other people and put them on my plants. To my pleasant surprise it has two pears going into it's second leaf. This is from my dwarf interstem tree and the fruit and leaf looks different from my other pear varieties. Can anyone determine if this is a hood pear?

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It would take someone who can "name that tune" after only hearing one note of a ID that baby pear by variety. Other than that, when the pear gets full size, becomes very slightly yellowish, and is barely compressable when you poke a fingertip against the side, take a chomp out of it. If it has no grit cells, is sweet, and has a 10% pineapple component to the flavor, it just might be a Hood. Another way to get a clue about this pear is to check the flowering time in early Spring, and if it begins flowering before any other pears around, it just might be a Hood. Yet another clue is that it is very unlikely to get any fireblight. And yet another clue is that the leaves sometimes can get leaf spot.

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copingwithclay. Thanks for the help. You did well with the limited information that I could provide. Fireblight is a huge issue in central Alabama. I now have five varieties that are supposed to be blight resistant.

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Just be aware that 'resistant' does not mean 'immune'. You can - and probably will - still get some FB hits on these pears. Small, young trees could potentially be taken out, if you don't get ahead of it, but older mature trees can often withstand it.
If you look at old Keiffer pears throughout the countryside, they often have multiple 'shepherd's crook' fireblight hits throughout the canopy every year, but seem to limit it's spread, and go right along bearing heavy crops

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