gooseberry drama

jkiac(5)May 23, 2014

hey everyone, i put in a bunch of gooseberries last year that where supposed to be disease "resistant" and by august many of them where completely defoliated. i assumed it was leaf spot and this year i started spraying with a copper based spray (Bordeaux).
I've been trying to time the spraying for after the rains so that it'll stay on the plants for a few days before being washed off. anyway, this week the leaf spot just BLOOMED! so my question is---does this look like leaf spot to you guys? am i spraying for the wrong thing? any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty new to gooseberries but have high hopes. james

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I don't grow gooseberries, but I used to grow red currant, and your shrub looks just like the currant bushes when they were affected by rust, which I think is a fungal infection. I never sprayed with Bordeaux, but it looks to me like this treatment is working for you. The plant looks pretty healthy, if not perfect. You must be doing something right.

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thank you for your response! i know that gooseberries and currants are related so it might be rust. i'll keep spraying and praying ;-) james

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I got a kick out of your title. I've never thought gooseberries to be dramatic:)

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