Trying Tulle This Year (for blueberries)

resist(z7 VA)May 5, 2013

I have tried the bird netting before and by the time I got the tangled mess over the blueberries and later freed birds from it I swore never to use it again. The following year I made a cage out of chicken wire and staked it to the ground. Took awhile but it looked great! Went out a few days later and my berries were almost gone. Low and behold a fat chipmunk was going thru the holes and eating them! So this year I am going to try tulle. I read where people posted it gets too hot. I only have one bush because the other one died and it is full of flowers this year. So, if this doesn't work I will just make a sign that says "Please Do Not Eat the Blueberries!"

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alan haigh

I say, stick with the chicken wire and put a netting over that for chipmunks if you do not want to trap them out. If plants are still flowering when tulle goes over bees won't bet in. It also interferes with air-flow.

I use chicken wire and trap them out every year before the berries are ripe. Some use rat wire on lower couple of feet which tends to discourage them.

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