Brown rot and bug hits on peaches

jsrbbns(8a)May 10, 2014

I have 5 peach trees on a farm with corn and beans in nearby fields. The oldest tree (an Elberta) was transplanted 8 years ago, and the youngest has been in ground for 2 years. All but the youngest tree are bearing peaches. I have always sprayed with Bonide Fruit Tree Spray as recommended on the label, and had no problem until the past two years when I lost ALL the fruit on the largest and oldest tree to Brown Rot. The other trees were less severely affected.
This year I sprayed 3 times with Daconil at bud break, full bloom and the last time when the fruit was 1-2 mm in size. Since then I have used the Bonide spray twice at about 2 week intervals.
The fruit is now 15-20 mm in size, and as always there are a lot of bug hits on the fruit manifested by clear gelatinous sap oozing out of the tiny lesions.
I have some Honor Guard for my roses which is 14.3 % propiconazole and not labeled for peaches. Monterey Fungi Fighter (discussed on this forum) is 1.5 % propiconazole with a label rate for peaches of 2 tbs per gallon.

2 questions:

1. Is there any reason I can't use the Honor Guard at 1/2 tsp per gallon?

2. What can I do about the bug hits? The insecticides in the Bonide spray don't seem to be helping.


Jim Robbins

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mjmarco(Zone 6 Upstate NY)

Next year I would add a spray with daconil before green tip...helps with peach leaf curl. Bon fruit tree spray never work for me with insects and brown rot. Daconil is good for brown rot also captan is also very good and worked for me. The insects are OFM or plum curculio so I use spectracide triazicide once and done for fruit trees...there's one for lawns don't use that one...once you see the hits on the fruit start spraying, I can get away with 2-3 sprays for insects. Also search for spray schedule on here from harvestman very good info on what to use or try....good luck.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


Theoretically, you could use Honor Guard if the only active ingredient is propiconazole, but using it on peach trees would be considered off-label and illegal.

I'm not sure how you came up with 1/2tsp per gallon w/ the Honor Guard. According to your post, Honor Guard is about 10X the strength of Montery Fungi Fighter, so theoretically you would use 1/10th of the concentrate.

The bigger issue is that you are doing most of your fungal sprays on the front end, when fruits are really most susceptible to brown rot close to ripening. You need to apply your fungicide w/in the last month before harvest.

Applying fungicide w/in the last month of harvest would preclude the use of Daconil, since it's not supposed to be used after shuck-split.

Daconil is good for leaf curl, but must be applied in the dormant season.

As mentioned, Triazicide is a good insecticide. The symptoms you mention sound familiar to Oriental Fruit moth, with fairly heavy pressure. You may find 2-3 sprays are not enough to control it in your locale. It can be a severe pest in warm non-arid climates with long growing seasons.

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Thanks mjmarco and olpea.

1/2 tsp is one twelfth of 2 tbs. I figured that would be close enough with a little Kentucky windage.

As to the triazicide, I only saw the one for lawns on Amazon, and it has a label indication for peaches. Why shouldn't I use that?

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mjmarco(Zone 6 Upstate NY)

They sell it at Lowes if you have one by you. Never use any spray's that are not for fruit or veg...reasons are for your safety and the plant...

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

"1/2 tsp is one twelfth of 2 tbs. I figured that would be close enough with a little Kentucky windage."

I'm sorry Jim, I missed it in your original post. Too used to seeing tablespoon abbreviated w/ a capital T.

If the Triazicide you are looking at has a label for bearing peaches, that is the right formulation.

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Just to be clear. How often and when can I apply Honor Guard (14 percent active ingredient). to my peach trees (five year old trees).
At exactly how much per gallon?

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The bug hits are going to happen. All you can do is try to minimize them, but you can really do something about the brown rot by practicing good orchard hygiene. I have 40 fruit trees and NO brown rot, because I keep the grass cut and pick up any fallen fruit on a daily basis; and I don't spray anything for brown rot. I don't give brown rot a chance to get started and I eliminate breeding areas for the spores to live.
I know it sounds like a lot of work, but if you want quality fruit, you have to take care of your trees. No pain no gain.

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