Noogy(6 sw mi)May 4, 2013

After a year in my mini orchard 3 out of 10 harrow sweets decided to bloom and are all growing. So I can tell something is up when the apex bud is dull colored and hasn't opened, when everything else is well along.

So I peeled back the scales and sticky ooze was apparent as I continued to unfold the bud. Whew! Stinky and fermented smelling. Fireblight?
I cut it back

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dmtaylor(5a (WI))

Was it sort of an orange color ooze? Yeah, that's fireblight alright. I've seen it early enough before to cut it out and saved the branch that way, haven't seen it again since (so far).

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alan haigh

Have you had fire blight conditions? It's been so dry and relatively cool here in SE NY that I'm not the least concerned about fire blight. Never had it on blossoms and noticed it- only shoot blight- more often apples then pears, and never a single strike on a Harrow Sweet- but I have not been growing it long. Supposed to be pretty resistant.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

There is FB around to a lesser extent. Had strikes on bartlett, and a mile away pruned 5branches from last year's strikes off of a neighbor's tree. It was rainy and now very nice weather for the last week or so with a couple 70-80 days. This is a stem blight being affected and am surprised seeing that HS is supposedly very resistant. I haven't seen any other signs and am on them daily. Maybe it's something else. thanks

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I am pretty sure Icut some fireblight out of the top of my harrow sweet just a few days ago...numerous bark cankers.

I was surprised, as I had seen no symptoms last year and have more susceptible varieties as well. The tree was damaged during our wet spring last year...

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alan haigh

Rob, bark cankers? That is not good to hear. That is where pears don't defend well against fireblight- when it gets to the big wood. I've lost two pear trees in all the years I've managed scores of them- 1 a Bosc and one was a Seckel, which is also considered fairly resistant. My worst strikes on surviving trees have been to Boscs.

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Noogy(6 sw mi)

After my experience with pseudomonas in cool wet weather and having lost all my raintree product to these welts, I fall spray with copper and also spring to ward off this terrible disease. The most prone besides ubileen are the asian pears. You know they are all exposed to pseudomonas as it is endemic and they're usually coverd in dirt/silt when they come in bare root.

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alan haigh

Fireblight can only get to older wood by running down first year wood, I believe, starting at its tip. That's the only time I see it- a blighted first year shoot dead all the way to the base creating a canker there.

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It is the first time I have dealt with it, and I may have misdiagnosed. BUt there were numerous sunken patches discolored rough and peeling bark (normal growth of same age still smooth and clean). UNder the cambium was red/brown and thin dried out. the sapwood was still green.

It was all in the leader and upper "scafolds" ,2-3 year old wood. but that area had several small branches torn out late last spring.

Prior to this I think I saw one branch strike years ago on a bartlet.

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