Potted Peach Tree and Fertilizing

blueboy1977(TX9A/B)May 14, 2013

Hoping Fruitnut will respond here. I remember him posting before about holding back on nitrogen and water when his potted stone fruits start ripening. My tropic snow peach in a 25 gallon pot is starting to ripen. The fruit is getting bigger rapidly now and starting to get a little blush color to it. I know it needs some fert as the growth has really slowed and the leafs are not dark green as they were a month or so ago. Should I go ahead and fertilize now or wait untill the fruit is picked? I use a slow release fert so not to sure if it would effect the fruit anyway but I do want the tastiest peaches I can get off this tree. I have been holding back a little on water also.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX


Don't worry about the fertilizer at this point. It won't affect anything in the last few weeks. Hold off until after harvest.

In a pot there isn't a lot you can do about water either. You certainly don't want to water unless needed. But don't stress the tree so much that it wilts, losses leaves, or has shriveled fruit.

Sometimes a pot brings out the best in a fruit and sometimes it doesn't. But in a pot the root system is so small there is little room for error.

The water deficit I've used is a long term condition brought on over many weeks, not just right before harvest. The tree needs time to adjust to the deficit and the small root system makes that difficult.

For my in-ground trees in the greenhouse I'm trying for a 6 month controlled deficit that lasts all summer. I don't know how to do that in pots. But like I say sometimes the fruit in pots is great.

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Thanks Fruitnut, I say I've been holding off the water but we had serious rains for 3 days last week and I've been watering the 25 gallon pot twice a week for the last month. Probably not much of a water shortage! The fert was my main question.

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